IT Project Manager or Web Project Manager

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Marie Davis
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My current job title is IT Project Manager. I am leaving the country soon, so applying for jobs overseas. I would like to apply for a Web Project Manager role. My current role is supporting the IT requirements of market research projects that use websites and web applications to collect and analyse data.

What is the difference between Web and IT Project Management, if any?

Should I change the title of my CV to Web Project Manager when applying for the Web PM role?

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Hi Marie,

I see Web Project Manager as a sub-division of IT Project Manager. It narrows down your options and may exclude you from whole areas of IT. I'm an IT Project Manager specialising in digital, which covers all things web. Personally, I'd go with IT Project Manager making it clear that you’d like to work in the digital / web space.

Hope this helps.


I would stick with the IT Project Manager designation. It will be fairly clear from your recent experience that you've focused on Web Project Management and you can go into greater detail on that in a cover letter or interview format. But stating web project manager only may pigeon hole you and cause you to miss some excellent opportunities.

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