How Many Schedulers are Needed?

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Does anyone know if there are any metrics to determine how many schedulers are needed, if we are going to use schedulers as opposed to PM's to do the scheduling?

Using Project Server so MS Project 2013. There are about 50 PM's and 80 to 130 projects, but many of them are very small, 5 to 20 tasks.

The industry is health and half the projects are IT and half business such as marketing initiatives etc.

Overall the project scheduling maturity is low at this point, so a couple of hundred lines is probably the longest schedule with 50 tasks as the average.

My experience tells me 5 schedules per scheduler. I have found a reference to the head of Primavera saying 2000 tasks per scheduler. But this is all very influenced by how complex the schedules are.

Has anyone had to solve this before? How did you work it out? I want to be able to show evidence before we try to hire.

Thanks for the help,
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