PRINCE2 Interview Presentation - Assistance Needed

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Hello all,

I obtained my PRINCE2 Practitioner certification this year and I have an interview next week for a project support role.

I have to make a 10-15 minute presentation with the following title/question:

You are working on Project X. You are concerned that the project is suffering as a result of your Project Manager not following the Methodology correctly or effectively.
  1. What KPI's would you measure to judge how well the project is doing?
  2. What approach would you take, and what steps and advice would you give to the PM to assist them in ensuring their project is a success?
Any advice on how best to approach this would be appreciated.

For the first question I would venture that I would look at the state of the project products. First of all these products should be clearly stated and defined in the Project Brief and that they should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based.

If they meet that criteria I will be able to judge whether the products are 1. Being delivered on time 2. Being delivered to the required quality 3. Being delivered to the identified budget

For the second question I would venture that it is important to have confidence in the P2 systems and methodology and would therefore raise an Issue and write a report detailing what I deem to be the problem, provide evidence of its impact on the project products, detail the risk of inaction and make a suggestion of what action to take. I would also suggest a review of the stage plan to ensure adequate checkpoint reports were scheduled in order to keep.

Furthermore, I would ensure I understand my role fully and ensure the Project Manager is provided with adequate information (whether this be data, risks etc.) to make decisions. If I understand my role and the project needs I can offer my services to reduce the burden on the Project Manager.

I would appreciate if anyone could offer their thoughts on this and make any suggestions as to any other considerations.

Many thanks,

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Hi Billy,

I've only just signed up to this forum site and saw your post, so sorry if it's not very helpful to be responding now.

I think your below comments are well thought out but I'd just be a little conscious that you focus very much on the project's products but the question doesn't mention the products specifically, more the methodology. I'd have a think about how you understand what the methodology is and should be doing vs what's being done by the PM for you to then give an assessment of how to improve it and what you could assist with within that methodology.

Sorry if it's too late or you don't find it useful.

Good luck anyway!

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