Career move to Project Management - some questions

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Hi Maya,

Like you, I decided to make the career move into project management this year, I was quite fortunate that the company I worked for have our own project management department and so have managed to step into the role after getting myself trained.

I started off by doing my PRINCE2 from scratch and would highly recommend Knowledge Train if you don't want to self study, their course is 4.5 days and have a great pass rate, plus they're one of the cheaper ones on the market!

I then did my APM Introductory Certificate as well but looking back, I would recommend doing the APM IC first and then the PRINCE2, what you learn in APM IC will put you in a great place for PRINCE2, it's also one of the most common that is requested when applying for PM roles.

I'm now planning to do my APM (for PRINCE2 Practitioners) at the start of next year.

Good Luck!
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Hi Fran,

Thank you for the reply and sorry for the slow response as I have only just seen it!

It's encouraging for me to see that I am following a similar path to you, albeit a few steps behind. I am tackling PRINCE2 by self study and settled on a course from Knowledge Academy, which is proving to be a bit clunky but hopefully will do the job. There are elements of PRINCE2 which seem to contradict the APMIC, and certainly differing terminology, but I appreciate that one qualification introduces Product Management theory and the other teaches a methodology, so there will be some differences.

I am looking forward to putting theory into practice at some point.

Thanks again and good luck also for your further studies next year.

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I'm also gearing up for a move into project management. I've been a web developer for quite a few years and want to move over to project management.

A few friends/colleagues have recommended I take a MSP course, I was just wondering what your thoughts were? With specifically IT projects is MSP the best idea?

Any ideas much appreciated

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Good Afternoon,

This may not qualify as a reply, however I too am making a career change and am interested in becoming a project manager. I believe I have the intrinsic skills, and have ample experience from years of sports coaching. Also, I've recently been certified as a commercial mediator.

What's the best route to get actual project management experience and qualifications.

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