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After a bit of advice please.

I've taken over a project and its plan from a previous PM. After looking at the plan there is a concertina of key milestones (5 due the same week), all requiring engagament and some sort of document sign off from the customer/sponsor. Obviously flagged this as a risk, but moving this out is a greater risk. So...can anyone offer any advice to manage multiple key milestones in a very tight timescale? Any suggestions would be great.


Since you're new to the project and the team should be well aware of the milestones, their status and importance (and hopefully they are very competent), I would delegate as much work, oversight and responsibility for the milestones to them at this point. As long as their position and experience makes sense on the milestones. But definitely lean on the team for this period of time. Stay in close contact, make sure reporting on task progress is up to date (and accurate) and make sure they are comfortable with the ownership of these milestone responsibilities. It does no good to assign/delegate them if the likely outcome is failure due to their inability or resistance to taken a leadership role for each milestone.

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