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Hi All,

I am looking at studying Six Sigma and know little about it. Who is Six Sigma certified and how does it benefit project management?

I am a IT/Telecoms infrastrucutre delivery project manager and looking to find out what value would Six Sigma provide.

Any other comments on this topic are welcome.

Many thanks,
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Hi Kit,

I'm a black belt is LSS (Lean Six Sigma) so may be able to help a bit.

How does it differ from PM? In projects the solution is already defined (i.e. build a new warehouse or integrated a new customer) whereas LSS is based around process management and the identification of waste and variation within it. You may not know the solution at the start, but just the problem you're trying to solve. For example, how you process an order. Both PM and LSS centre around a framework and tools. LSS due to its focus on waste reduction and variation of process does result in monetary savings for the business, but a project may not always.

Could you use it? LSS can be used anywhere really as long as there is a process to be followed and a problem to be solved.

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