Task management software for vessels

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Dear all,

We have recently started to streamline and centralize the management of ongoing projects in the company that I work for. In connection with this, I am looking for some suitable software to assist us. I have been searching high and low, but have still not found what I am looking for. The thing is that I am not looking for software to plan resources or assign tasks to other project managers.

I work at a shipowner and when we talk about projects we talk about e.g. installation of new fuel pumps on all our vessels or upgrade of our radars on some of our vessels. Common for all projects is that it contains some general data (like scope, budget, name of project manager, a number of tasks for each vessel) and some vessel specific data (like purchase order number, progress, requried parts) that will be different for each vessel.

What I am searching for, is software that can handle this and that can show me which projects is pending (i.e. not completed) for a specific vessel and which vessels is pending for a specific project. As an example we have the following projects on the following vessels:

Vessel 1: Project A, B, C, D
Vessel 2: Project A, C, D
Vessel 3: Project C, D
Vessel 4: Project B, D

Then I would like a functionality that would show me, that the following projects is pending for the following vessels:

Project A: Vessel 1, 2
Project B: Vessel 1, 4
Project C: Vessel 1, 2, 3
Project D: Vessel 1, 2, 3, 4

I hope that I have described my requirements good enough (and sorry for a rather long post) and that some of you could suggest names of such software.
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