How has Project Management evolved over the years?

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Hi Everyone! I am currently a student doing research into how the Project Management field has evolved over the years. From your experience and expertise in this field, what are some hot topics or trends in Project Management? How has this changed over the years in your opinion?
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Here are a few trends you can look at:
  • The rise of Agile project methodologies, such as SCRUM and Extreme Programming (XP).
  • Use of geographically dispersed teams and offshore outsourcing.
  • Project management software, with many new tools coming to the market.
  • Virtual project management training courses verses classroom based courses.
I've heard of some companies using software (Smartsheet) to replace project managers, so that is worth investigating.

Take a look at this post 9 Current Trends (and more) in Project Management

Hope this helps for a start.

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It might be worth looking at at Dr. Martin Barnes who invented the Triple 3 project constraints in 1969.

I understand that project MGMT was not a profession in itself and early forms of it were not recognized for what we now know as project MGMT.
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