Project Planning When an External Plan is Involved?

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I am currently working as a PM for a client who is transitioning a process to a new service provider. The new service provider has provided a transition project plan for the client, and I have also written a project plan, which involves some additional internal steps not captured by the new service provider’s plan. I want to ensure my client has a clear understanding of timeframes and progress to date.

How would you approach planning, when there is more than one plan involved?
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Hi Colton,

It can very much depend on your client's preference, whether they are happy delving into the detail, or prefer a high-level overview. I tend to avoid presenting detailed task level plans, and produce a milestone plan showing key activities and dates during the project. Most of my clients prefer this approach.

In your case, it is important the client understands the work you are doing, why it is necessary, and what additional time is needed. A milestone plan combining the service providers milestones and your milestones should work in terms of showing progress and the end date.

Watch out for the "three bears" syndrome, where whatever level of planning you present, it's never quite right, either it's too detailed or not detailed enough. Try to gauge your client's need and pitch at that level.

Let us know how you get on.

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