Managing stakeholder expectations

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Udara Fernando
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Managing stakeholder expectations are one of the most critical activity throughout the project life cycle. If we ignore that it could lead the project to failure. So from the initiation phase we need to identify stakeholders and a proper communication plan to communicate with them.

What are the other factors we need to consider with this regard?
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I feel your question is a little ambiguous, but I will attempt an answer...

Points to consider with managing stakeholders (and their expectations):
  • One of my favourites is, who is best suited to deal (communicate) with that stakeholder from the project team? For example, a senior network engineer would probably want to speak to the project tech lead.
  • Does the stakeholder support or oppose the project? And, to what degree?
  • What are their motivations, perceptions & needs?
  • What is their power and interest?
  • Which other stakeholders influence the Sponsor?
  • Share the project plan with stakeholders to set expectations on when products will be delivered.
Any other input here folks?
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