Challenges in Project Management

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What challenges are project managers likely to face in management over projects?
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The potential challenges are many and varied. If I look at my current project, I'd call out the following:
  • Late delivery of important material.
  • Lack of testing time.
  • Immovable deadline (event date).
  • Integrating own work and supplier's work.
Most challenges facing PMs will be around cost, time and scope: the triple constraint.

Another challenge is managing Global teams. These remote and dispersed teams present another list of challenges some of which are:
  1. Language: multi-lingual teams can be a source of delay, confusion and inaccurate information.
  2. Distance: limited face-time with people on the project, requires time to be scheduled for virtual meetings.
  3. Time Zones: working around the clock with difficulties in arranging meetings during everyone's regular working hours.
  4. Business Culture: working practice and styles differ across regions and in countries. Awareness of the differences is important.
  5. Access to Information: without face-time, a strategy is needed to circulate project information and status updates.
  6. Infrastructure Maturity: access to technology may be limited and performance (speed/access) may vary.
Hope this gives you some idea of where challenges may arise.

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I think unrealistic stakeholder (inc Sponsor) expectation.

The key to counter this problem is to identify all stakeholders, prioritise them for influence/interest and then set their expectations early on in the project. This might be a difficult conversation initially, but your integrity and ability to deliver what will be classed a 'successful project' relies on setting realistic expectations early on.

Any others folks?

Many thanks,
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I think communication is the main challenge a project manager is likely to face in management over projects.
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