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Hello all,

I am looking to get into the world of PM - with a background in IT, and Technical Account Management. I have enquired as to online training courses - and received the following which appears, on the face of it, to offer good value for money and a wide variety of not just PM courses, but also a chance to get a Process Management training course under my belt too.

It is around 15 months of study apparently.
  • CAPM
  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Agile Practitioner
  • MS Project 2010
  • With the addition of Six Sigma Green Belt
All for £1375 - exams additional cost.

What I am wondering - as relayed to me by the salesperson at this training company - is whether I am in fact better off putting money into Prince2 practitioner or the CAPM and Agile Practitioner certs are the better bet and as long as I tick the box for having basic Prince2 certification I am in a strong place with what is on offer above.

All advice appreciated - as I imagine a lot of people on here are involved within the Project Management industry and know what the real world is looking for.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Lets start by asking what time of IT Project MGMT do you want to undertake, software or hardware? If hardware networking IT Project MGMT is what you are interested in, then Agile and Scrum are not of value, prince2 is though or APMP.

Prince2 foundation is pointless in my opinion. Prince2 Practitioner is quite easy to obtain and this is common knowledge. So the foundation on its own does not appear like much of an accolade to employers, nor does it give you a grounding in Project MGMT.

I was walking the dog thinking about PM certs earlier today, oddly enough. It all comes down to this question: How much effort and time are you willing to put into studying? If a lot, then go for APMP or if not much go for Prince2 F+P. APMP shows a good level of understanding and will make you differentiate yourself in a crowded market place. APMP can be studied from beginner level and Parallel Project Training or QA are the two providers to look at.

Also, look up! There are sticky threads on this topic already as the same questions are frequently asked.

I hope this helps,
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