Have you ever managed a contractor who quit on you?

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Question: Have any of you ever managed a project where a contract just quit on you in the middle of the project. Meaning you have paid them - and you find out that you have actually paid them in reality for more work than they have performed...but they just quit. I had this happen...trying to figure out legal action because it is very damaging at this point. Advice needed?! :) Thanks in advance.

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I had a contractor working for me that didn't come in one day, and I didn't hear from him. Two weeks passed and nobody (including his agency) knew where he was. We started to suspect foul play. On the third week, I heard he'd flown to South Africa to marry his girlfriend (a South African) and decided to stay.

I got another contractor with the correct skills to replace him, but for a couple of weeks I didn't know if he'd return, was dead, working for a competitor on a competing product or what had happened.

It didn't impact the project badly and I guess he's living 'happily ever after' in South Africa.

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