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Hi All,

I was wondering how your organisations have set themselves up in order to accommodate effective project management.

Do you have a project management office, and if so who does it report to, and what authority does it have over team managers / team members?

What levels of authority is given to the PM?

How does this authority balance with that of Team Managers?

Do you have dedicated project teams or is staff used across multiple projects and business as usual activities?

I have found this article > ... nizations/

............. which I think is useful and the model that matches my environment most closely is number 3 - Matrix Organisation Structure:
maxtrix_structure.png (108.85 KiB) Viewed 7786 times
One of the issues I feel we have currently is the 'Manager of Project Managers' is also one of the 'Project Managers', plus a 'Functional Manager', and he also spends considerable time working as 'Staff' by producing technical designs for a few projects.

As a result I feel that certain projects get more focus than others regardless of how senior management have prioritised the project portfolio of maybe a dozen simultaneous projects.

This could become a very long post so I'll stop here and see what responses I get!

Thanks for reading.
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