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Hello everyone,

I am working in Saudi Arabia for almost 4 yrs. and I've been assigned to manage a project. My problem is this:
  1. My team are incompetent that I have to help them in guide them from RFI, TQ, to coordinate with the consultant for the inspection?
  2. I'm a civil engineer that when it comes to my scope of work everything was in order, but when it comes to architectural, mechanical and architectural, we have to undergo 2 to 3 re-inspection just to comply the requirements owner. A waste of time, money etc..
  3. My materials approval, procurements, schedules are all affected because of there attitudes. (Laziness)
  4. This is the first they have encounter to work as a contracting in the hospital & university projects. Before they are just working in villa's and residential.
  5. They are the pioneer in this company and whatever I will do to report my problem with the owner of our company about this problem he just didn't make any actions even he know already that the fault on the other trades.
  6. Since the start of the project I'm always remind, pushing the materials submittable and subcontractors approval but what I see they are just calm.
  7. We are nearly in deadline and I need to to send a request of extension (time) just because of my teams negligence??
Sirs, if you were in my shoes what will yo do? We have a meeting regularly with the owner and my team, but because of this situation my credibility to the owner as a project manager was not that strong compared to before. Please help me for advice.
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It's a difficult situation certainly. If your team are incompetent, you either need to train them, or replace them. In your shoes, I'd be getting some people/consultants in with the required skills/experience and letting your current team shadow them. This will allow you to complete the work on time, help train your existing people and send a message that you are serious about better team performance.

A project manager is entitled to insist on qualified and competent people for their projects. If this request is refused, then you must point out the risks to the customer and ask them to accept responsibility.

Hope this helps.

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