Project coordinator need help with interview!!!

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I have just graduated from University in Business studies and I am job hunting now. I did some project management module at university and I am certified Prince2 foundations.

I will like to seek advice from the wise crowd in this forum on the following:

First question (interview tip)
Just been called for interview next week need some advice on what kind of questions (answers) or scenarios I might be asked.

Second question
If anyone have any material I can use to do my Prince2 practitioner any useful website or resources I be so grateful.

Thank so much in advance


Not sure on the 2nd question - I would think there should be decent amount of information online you can find. Try performing some searches on Google.

As for interview're interviewing for a project coordinator job, not a project manager position correct? I guess I'm going to respond in terms of PM positions. Consider the following:
  • Why are you interested in the PM position?
  • What strengths do you have that make you well-qualified for this position?
  • What weaknesses do consider that you may need to improve upon?
  • You are assigned a new project - what are the first five things you would do?
  • You're faced with conflict on your project team - what action do you do you work to resolve it?
  • What preparations do you make for the project kickoff of a newly assigned project?
  • You're planning your first weekly project meeting with the customer - what do you cover?
  • A key decision needs to be made and you're having trouble reaching the customer for input...what do you do?
  • The project is over budget by 15% halfway through the engagement - what steps or actions do you take?
I'll try to think of more...I hope this helps.

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Welcome to the board.

Firstly, a Pro Co role can be very varied. You may be PM'ing small, low risk, projects to working under a PM within a PMO doing tasks like logging risks, giving guidance on processes & config management. What sector is it to? To answer this question concisely, we need to know more about the Pro Co role description.

I think Brad is giving you some awesome advice, but like he mentions, I feel it is more aimed at a PM role and beyond the standard UK Pro Co role.

Prince2 Practitioner, I would suggest a classroom course as it is a lot more advanced and you get to 'bounce' ideas around with others. I would strongly advise to look at pre-study before the course as there is a lot to take in. Dave Litten (Prince2 Primer) has tutorial videos which I used & are cost effective. And no, I have no commercial affiliation to him and I genuinely would recommend his material :)

All the best & please utilise the forum to its fullest!

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