Project to derive own deliverables from contract

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I have just started a new project. It is part of a larger programme to transition a new customer onboard. What is interesting here is that each constituent project manager of the programme has been asked to review the contract and derive deliverables from that. Many of the PMs are not comfortable with this and have asked for a presentation of the solution that was sold to the client but the response from the programme is always "its in the contract".

I have found areas where there are gaps in the solution from the contract or the contract makes no sense. When escalating there is still very little help from the programme however.

Is it a normal experience for each project to derive its own deliverables?

Anyone have any views?

I'm a little confused as to what is being asked here. Can you possibly clarify?

Often, deliverables are spelled out in the contract or the statement of work. However, it may be the case on some that you need to review the contract and extract the project deliverables from it. And depending on the type of project, there are likely some standard deliverables that you should or can build into the project just based on what you know needs to go into that type of project. For example, it may be practical to include a design document as a deliverable, or a communication plan, or possibly a requirements traceability matrix. When I was working solely on government projects, it was always customary to have disaster/recovery plans and security plans as deliverables on every project.
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