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How Do I Become an IT Project Manager?

Posted: Sun 03 Nov 2013 7:29 am
by allinaallen
I was a UNIX System Analyst in the USMC for 12 years and I am finishing up my Associates degree in Computer Science in a couple of months and will have my Bachelors degree in Computer Science by 2014 If I don't need to wait till after it was finished to start that would be great but two years of school and not working has already started to drive me insane. Someone one hook me up with some info on how to get started I have been checking the internet out for info and I know there are PMP, and other certs but most of them are requesting previous experience in the form of 1500 hours plus. So if someone could school me here I would be very appreciative.

Re: How Do I Become an IT Project Manager?

Posted: Sun 03 Nov 2013 7:42 pm
by kwalford

Where in the world will you be working? Some certs will be more valuable in certain geographies. If the answer is America, Brad Egeland (posts on here) is a good person to ask as he is experienced in the IT PM field I understand, message him.

A basic, no experience needed, cert is Prince2 and it will give you a good insight into PM techniques. It is also valuable for IT projects and is mostly used in IT. Make sure you do both foundation and practitioner levels.