11 Things You Must Do to Prepare for the Project

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Part 1 of a new article entitled "11 Things You Must Do to Prepare for the Project" is up on the Project Smart site.

Here is a snippet...

"You've been assigned a new project by your PMO Director…now what? Well, we all know you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And from personal experience I can look back at my earliest projects when I was far less experienced and confident with project clients as I am now, and see how I did not exude an aura of confidence, competence and control. It took me considerable time in the project timeline to make some real headway on gaining back some if the customer confidence and comfort I had lost during that critical project kick-off phase. First impressions aren't everything. Actual performance is. But first impressions are way up there.

As you gain that necessary project experience and are kicking off more and more projects, you want to be as thorough, as streamlined, as accurate and efficient, and as confident as you can possibly be. At least that focus is what helped me gain the confidence I needed to start "doing it right", so to speak. To that end, I've learned to focus on these 11 things that I do for most every engagement to prepare for a successful project experience - in no particular order:"

Please check out the rest of the article (and Part 2 when it's up!) here....

http://www.projectsmart.co.uk/11-things ... art-1.html

Let me - and everyone - know what you think and share your own experiences please (here or by commenting on the article).
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I agree with that. Specially the impression point. It is natural When ever you get a chance to make an impression its totally up to you how you go through with the opportunity. With the project management it is also the same. If there will be enough project experience then it is sure that you will make a good impression as your progress will be good to impress.
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