Project Rescue & the Heroic Project Manager

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A new project management article article is up on the Project Smart site entitled "Project Rescue & the Heroic Project Manager"

"If there's one thing good project managers are excelling at - and I mean really good PMs - it is rescuing projects. Indeed, when companies find themselves with projects getting out of control, it is time to send in the cavalry. If we were to compare badly run projects to a combat zone where troops have been trapped for a while, then the only way to improve things is to parachute someone in with the know-how. That person having the complex mission of bringing everyone back to safety and re-plan it all, so that the troops can go back and put their flag on top of that hill they've been aiming for from the start.

This whole introduction might sound a bit too over the top and heroic, but for those of you who took part in meetings where people kept shouting at one another or circulating the blame around, as things went horribly wrong, you'd wish the whole project had been approached with military discipline from the start. So let's look at why projects go wrong and how good project management can save the day."

To read the full article...go here.. ... nager.html

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Thanks, I will have a read Brad. Kit
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