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Hi All

I know this is probably a question that has been answered a number of times on the forum but I am going to ask it again I am afraid.

I am currently studying for my Prince2 practitioner certification with the intention of moving into PM to get experience and then on to senior management.

So I was hoping to could get some general questions answered first of what industries do PM get used? As I have only really seen PM positions that relate to IT.

On this topic where is the best place to locate job/contracts?

Next from some research most projects tend to be 6 -12 months is this normal duration for projects?

Finally a lot of the reading I have been seeing online people seem to suggest that PM tend to go on the same route of contractors and set themselves up as limited companies is the general consensus?

Basically I am looking for all information I can get my hands on to increase my awareness.
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Project Management relates to a number of industries, including:
  • New Product Development
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Services
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Design, Procurement and Contribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Urban Development
  • IT
Information Technology is an area that proves to be very lucrative all around but especially so for Project Managers, which is why it is probably the industry you hear the most about.

However, as far as finding jobs and breaking into the project management career path goes you should already have some experience working in a particular field prior to making the jump into management. What industry are you currently working in? And is your organization currently using the Prince method for managing projects?
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