Training Providers for MS Project 2013?

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Hey guys,

I've *never* had any form of IT training (all learnt on the job/from colleagues), however, I think some MS Project training woudl be useful. I can plod through myself and read some guides and I've got some course on Udemy, however, I think a dedicated couse would be helpful.

We're not power users managing billion pound projects spanning months and years, however, we do juggle quite a lot of projects at once which we need to keep track of.

I've found Learning Tree (expensive), Best STL (never heard of them, good client list though, looks cheaper than LT and a sylabus bit on multiple projects), Acutiy Training, never heard of but the course looks okay.

I'm London based but it's not much of an issue to travel (within reason!) for somewhere good.

Any recommendations?

Cheers :)
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Hi RobR,

I have a few recommendations for choosing the perfect training center for you!

The first thing that will help choose the best direction is establishing whether you will be the only one training or if your entire project team will want to become versed in the same programs. Especially in terms of project management, having an entire team up to speed on a particular program always leads to higher productivity and overall better results, so ask around the office if others are considering the same training. You would be surprised how many companies are also willing to help cover some if not all of the training costs when an entire team can benefit from the education.

Understanding this will also help navigate your way through the training center selection process. If it's just you and you seem to already have experience self-studying then you can even consider a live web-based session which will cut down on your travel costs and still give you the dedicated attention you seek.

If you have multiple employees training a face-to-face option typically works best because it can easily accommodate all learning styles. Additionally, if this is an option you may consider, note that many centers, including mine, are willing to send instructors to your location as a way to cut down on costs. For example, while we are based in the United States, we regularly hold classes in Germany and other parts of Europe for group sessions by sending a certified trainer to your location.

However, if you are juggling multiple projects with different project teams then my experience with clients is that SharePoint training offers the greatest benefit and improves collaboration and productivity. This training is significantly more expensive and something you would probably want your company to pay for and have your entire team trained on in order to see the best results.

Good luck with this process and I hope you can find the perfect training solution for you!

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My recommendation is to acquire Steve Caseley CBT Nuggets. They are in-depth and you will learn all you need to know about MSP 2010.

Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2010
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I recommend Simplilearn for their MS Project online training. They have good quality courses.

Hope this helps!