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Hi All,

I manages a large team of PMs, developers etc. And in order to allocate the correct resource to a project, It would be great to have a skills matrix so that its easier to identify. Does any one have any experience in creating such a skills matrix and would you be able to supply a sample of your skills matrix document so i can get an idea of what i need to do to create one?


I don't have one that I use or have used - haven't had the need yet. However, I typed "project manager skills matrix" into Google search and it came up with some pretty good samples that I'm sure you could borrow from.

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Check out Skills Base as a useful online tool for this. I've been using it for a few weeks and its quite good for creating skills matrices.
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Its a good question, but I would ask you to think about the longer term, and the entire need.

You might consider that Skills are only part of the equation. Competencies and Certifications are also important. As is history on where that person worked and what the overall average success rate was of the projects they participated in.

The best solution would be one where the resources themselves update their capabilities, and the system tracks their history.

Such systems are called PPM (Project Portfolio Management) in the in-house space, and PSA (Professional Services Automation) when used by firms selling people (Professional Services).

The leader in both categories is Changepoint.

There is nothing on the web site specific to this question, but the capability exists in full, as I laid out. I am sure they can send you a spec sheet if you do a web inquiry.

Great response...thanks for the info on Changepoint. I am going to check them out.
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