What's Your #1 Frustration as a Project Manager?

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On a past survey I conducted of PMs and project professionals, I asked what they #1 frustration they had as project leaders. Here were their responses...
  • Lack of management support - 26%
  • Poor communication in the organization - 21%
  • Lack of PM authority and decision-making ability - 13%
  • Lack of planning time allowed - 12%
  • Lack of funding - 6%
  • Lack of available tools/processes - 4%
  • The customer - 2%
  • Other - 17%
What about everyone on here? What's your biggest frustrations as a PM? What experiences can you share and discuss?
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Depending on the type of project in which one is involved, I guess having to go through an admin burden to redistribute resources in case of an unstable WBS can be very frustrating for a PM. As a matter of fact, it can slow down processes and demotivate teams.
Mohamed Benmerikhi
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