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Hello everyone!!

Its been a while but I am back for some advice! So ive applied for promotion after someone on the project has left. I have already done bits of work for this person so thats an advantage however its up to the PM to decide if I am ready or not.

I, like most engineers learn best by doing so yes it would be a challenge but the improvment in my kills and abilities would be much greater than if I were to stay as an assistant.

What are peoples thoughts on learning styles? If this were you deciding would this be factor? would it be worth mentioning?

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Hi there,

Learning by doing is certainly beneficial, but it can certainly be complemented by training and other types of knowledge acquisitions. Ideally, in any work environment having a background prior to being in a real situation certainly helps learn faster and develop quicker. So do not underestimate the power of knowledge. I think a healthy blend of theoretical and practical learning can help you go a long way and make you realise the growth potential that can be achieved over time.

Mohamed Benmerikhi
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yes, i do believe that learning by practically doing some work increases the chances of success. I think if you have interest in your work and the industry you are working in, then it is not hard to learn and take new challenges.
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