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We have a change control process where an engineering drawing will be controlled using a specific issue level (01, 02, 03 etc). The Designers release the drawings and our production team, testers, quality inspectors and suppliers all sign up to the most recent issue level and the parts that are produced from the drawings are put through an approval process before product launch.

Throughout the project some of the drawings will need to change which needs to be managed (communicated / risks reviewed / timing impacts / cost impacts) through the various teams of people that need to be involved in order to put the change through the approval process.

Would you expect PM's to normally manage this kind of change process?

Considering how many teams have to interact through the change process, and that time, cost, quality, risks, benefits, scope etc could all be impacted, I see it as something that PM should manage.

BUT, from experience the change process has to be micro-managed in order to prevent something being missed.

My management are planning to have one or two PM's to manage all projects (around 30?!?) which means that we won't have time to manage at a level that these changes require.

I would appreciate some feedback if possible.

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Hi Nick,

As PMs are expected to be fully aware of the big picture and have been trained for that purpose, I would expect them to get involved at least to ensure that the change process goes according to plans. Though the interaction of various teams during the change process requires the intervention of the project coordinator who reports to the the PM.
Mohamed Benmerikhi
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