Set up a customers reference list

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Context: Advice/ideas for a company active in Project Management Consulting.


The goal is to convince new customers of our work by showing them what we have already realized in other companies. This is why i want to make a clear overview of all our customers and some additional information. I really want to have a complete reference list that can be used in practice but i want to keep it user friendly and as standardized as possible (so with drop down lists if possible)!

  1. Set up a list/database in MS Excel or MS Acces? (don't want to use any other programs for it)
  2. I already have an idea of the categories I want to show in this reference list. Is there anyone who can add some important categories? (I will list them up here):
    Customer - Consultant (that did the job) - Country - Location - Sector - Subsector - Solution - Subsolution (a more specific description) - Year - Duration of the Project - Delivery/Consulting/Training - Company Size - Specific question of the customer
  3. Does anyone has an idea to standardize the sector (and subsector). Is there a classification that I can use? (e.g. a classification that states Health and splits that up again in Pharmacy - Hospital - ...)
Many thanks!

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Talking of categories, how about matching the type of product or service the customer might be interested in to your previous work to get them interested faster?

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