Have you tried Reverse Brainstorming?

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Have you tried Reverse Brainstorming on your projects?

I recently learned about the technique on a training course.

So what do you do if you get stuck on a problem, risk or issue? First you reverse it. For example, "how can I manage my project team less effectively".

Next brainstorm how you can solve your reverse problem. For example:
  1. Only communicate via email;
  2. Adopt an unapproachable attitude to my team members;
  3. Only worry about my own tasks and not supporting my team.
Once you finish your brainstorm, reverse the solutions you came up with:
  1. Communicate through a range of different methods, including face-to-face meetings;
  2. Adopt a 'open door' policy and always make time for my team and addressing their concerns;
  3. Actively support the team in achieving our project goal.
Generally, people find it easier to think about what they shouldn't do, and not what they should.

It's a good technique when you are having difficulty finding a solution to a problem, because it encourages indirect thinking.

Useful or not? Let me know what you think.

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