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Ok, as some of you may know (because this is my no 1 stop for advise!) I've been in project management for around 7 months now as an assistant! I've learnt much and have aspirations for the big PM (in my company its assistant, scheme PM and then PM). The project I have been working on is changing and it just so happens that a scheme PM position has come up for the contract I am assisting. Now I learn best by doing, even my PM has recognised this, and so I am torn! part of me says go for it and it would be great for my career and my learning and the other part says its just too soon. So please let me know what you think? Is it worth going for it, or would it be an insult to all other scheme PMs to go for it this soon?



I would highly recommend going for it. I'm assuming that it's not just being handed to you, correct? Are you saying you have the chance to apply for it or is it being offered to you?

Actually, either way I would say go for it. It says two things about you:

1) You personally think you're ready. Your superiors may disagree, and you may not get the position, but they will know that you think you're ready and that alone will make them take notice and consider you even more seriously next time.
2) It says that you are aggressively wanting to take control of your career. It says you're not timid and you're not planning to back down from challenges. In PM you'll always be learning, but if you wait and wait for what feels right you may find that it never really 'feels right'. You just have to dive in. Keep learning from your colleagues - especially the more experienced ones and never be afraid to ask questions and say "I don't know" from time to time. When I was being hired for a PM / Sr. PM position for one organization I basically had my choice - the Sr. came with more responsibility, but I could tell that they were going to hire least it was fairly certain - they needed me to work remotely in an area they desperately needed to expand to and needed experienced PM leadership. The Sr. meant more pay, but more expectations and responsibility. I said that I definitely wanted the Sr. role (some because of the pay, but also because I knew I wanted that level of responsibility and accountability as well).

Good luck...please keep us posted...and always feel free to ask anything on here. We may not be the 'experts', but we're happy to share opinions (however good or dangerous that may be! :) ).
Thanks for sharing...
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Do it and be confident about going for the position.

The ability to show willing and a career driven attitude will go a long way.

I would thoroughly prepare for the interview by showing how you approach the vacant job position and how you will add value; maybe putting together a plan to show you have put a lot of research in to the job position.

You can also speak to others within the company who can advise you on what you should say in the interview.
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Hi Danbone,

It's worth thinking about the questions you may be asked at the interview and preparing some thoughts and answers. There are a lot of example questions in this article to help you... ... nager.html

Good luck!
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