Most / least productive times of day for working?

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What are your most / least productive times of day for performing work? I just saw on that 2:55pm is the LEAST productive time of day for working according to a study done by (Please note that I was reading at 3:23pm so they're probably about spot on for me.) And the MOST productive time of day for working is 10:26am. Again, pretty good call for me. I would say I'm at my most productive in the mid-to-late morning for work. I can also seem to get a lot of work done between midnight and 3am, if necessary - if last night is any indication.

What are your most and least productive times to perform work tasks? When you do you get the most distracted?
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Brad, my least productive time tends to be after lunch around 1:30pm. I have my main meal at 12 noon and could quite easily fall asleep after that. I usually take a quick walk around town, which wakes me up. I'm an early starter and find the most productive time of day is between 7:30am and 11am.

I used to work in an office where our chief accountant had a power nap every lunchtime at his desk. If we had customers or suppliers visiting at the time, we would always invite them through an entrance away from him. Power napping was seen as giving the wrong impression -- 'our employees are knackered!'

However, perhaps it should be seen as a good thing. I read somewhere that power napping can provide a fresh burst of energy and new ideas. So just time for a quick nap before the boss arrives.

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I would say my most productive time of the day is mid-morning.

I think that this will get varying responses as it is down to the individual as to when they are most productive.
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