What if you disagree with leadership on project related issues?

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Have any of you ever run into a situation where your leadership (PMO Director, manager, director, someone above you...) has given you direction on a project that you think is misaligned with the project or customer's best interests? I can be a bit of a loose cannon sometimes, but it has happened to me on several occasions and I've usually followed leaderships directions...usually with regrets. But, it's hard to butt heads with them - especially if it's earlier in your career or early in your tenure with a company.

Can any of you share thoughts or experiences on this? Has it happened to you - what did you do?

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I have been in similar situations continuously in last 2-3 years. What best I have learnt to handle such issues is - make your boss completely and practically aware of how the decision is affecting your project. Highlight if there are any silent threats there. Showcase how beneficial it could be if you implement your idea here.

Basically what I am trying to say is, highlight/underline the impact of decision they have suggested, what bad/lenient or cold/not effective (neither positive nor negative - a total waste) effects it may have on project and convince your senior on positive impact of your decision.

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