Most wanted characteristic in your PMO Director?

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If you are a PM in a project management office (PMO) or if you wish your organization had a PMO, what 'feature' or characteristic of the PMO Director would be at the top of your wish list? Or if you already have a great PMO Director in place (or even if that's YOU), what is the quality or characteristic or work ethic that makes him or her great at what they are doing?

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In one word, Integrity!

A manager that you can trust and who is honest is always the characteristic that is top of my list.

The ability to trust your manager and know he/she 'has your back', and is supportive are really key traits to me.

I try and remain as honest with my resources as possible. Once you have burnt that trust then people will struggle to trust you and your direction

Really good post too. I knew straight away (literally within seconds) what me answer would be.
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Hi Brad,

In a word, Leadership.

I want my PMO Director to lead from the front. There's no room for indecision.

For me the PMO Director needs to:
  1. Set the agenda and direction for the PMO.
  2. Bring the right people together to achieve his/her objectives.
  3. Innovate and develop approaches that help PMs deliver successful projects.
  4. Look at the big picture; what should the PMO look like to deliver maximum business benefit?
  5. Be accountable for the success or failure of the PMO.
Leadership is an intangible human quality that inspires us to follow the agenda and direction set by another.

Thanks for introducing this topic. I'm interested to hear what others think.

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