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For background, I work in an EPCM environment in the mining industry. One of the many difficult things to keep control over during project execution is material control. By this I mean control of an item (any item) purchased that needs to be delivered to a site. Could be from a nut and bolt to a crusher. Keeping track of material from purchasing to expediting to inspection to release to site and confirmation that the item arrived on site is difficult at the best of times.

Can anyone recommend a GOOD software package that includes the functionality I have listed above. We use spreadsheets at the moment.

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Hi Geoff,

I am not aware that a software can do this. It seems to me that in this specific case, that the whole process of material control is relatively distributed and requires an integrated process where all intervening actors (from ordering a part to receiving it at its required site) have to input their bit of information which is made accessible to everyone else involved.

A simple solution would be to use an online collaboration platform like TWIKI or a scheduling program such as DOODLE.

Wishing luck in your endeavours
Mohamed Benmerikhi
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