Tools and Features of Project Management Software

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Hi All,

As a student, I'm currently conducting research on the best methods and practices to approaching and completing the planning phase of a project.

As planning is a main criteria for any project, the use of a Gantt chart seems to be the most used in the planning preparation. Are there any other tools or software that will allow project managers to plan a project, if so, what other tools and software do project managers use to create plans and charts?

Many thanks in advance.
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As far as I know, other than Gantt Charts most project managers nowadays use software to automate tasks and projects. Although visually they would not look like Gantt charts, the concept and end goal would still be the same.

These software could go from very general functions like Basecamp or Zoho to very specific functions (e.g. time tracking by Time Doctor).

So, today it's more like evaluating what you just need at the moment and finding the right tools that would make you accomplish the tasks or projects you have.
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