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I'm looking to venture from my first role as Project Manager, and have realised that my CV which has served me well for the previous job hunting, might not be appropriate.

So, what should my CV include? I was wondering about technical knowledge, examples of projects I've led on? But then I'm potentially looking at a 15 page document!!!

Another thing I was wondering, was maybe a portfolio? I work within an software and online solutions company, so I work and support multiple clients and projects, so was wondering whether I should have something that compliments my CV?

Any advise you can offer, would help! With thanks in advance,

a.k.a. Only_humanJelly
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Hi Jessica,

Many people include lists of projects they have managed on their CV; however, most don't list the benefits those projects delivered. My top tip is to focus on a few project success stories and how they improved the businesses they were for.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Jessica,

My advise to you would be to highlight the competencies you acquired while working in the project management field. Recruiters are always on the search for specific skills related to the PM discipline. Specifically, I believe the following list is worth considering:
  1. Intercultural management if some of the projects you were involved have an international dimension,
  2. Profficiency in a project management software package(s),
  3. The ability to track potential deviations in the elements of the iron triangle,
  4. A sound understanding of the scope of work, especially if it is technical.
Best of luck
Mohamed Benmerikhi
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