How to Manage Your Boss: More Tips

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Hi all,

My new article has just been published in which I share my thoughts on how to manage your boss. These are my 5 top tips:
  1. Understand Your Boss's Perspective, Priorities and Agenda
  2. Discover Your Boss's Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Learn Your Boss's Preferences
  4. Remain Loyal, Honest and Trustworthy
  5. Work Together to Achieve Goals
What tips would you add?

Read the full article here: How to Manage Your Boss: Five Tips for 'Managing Up'

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Hi all,

Great tips. I just wanted to add a few thoughts, and may be the following tip:

"Understanding your bosses overall business strategy. Bosses may not necessarily express their strategy clearly, especially in SMEs".

Also, some industries involve high staff turnover and may not lend themselves to the same type of relationship between a boss and his employees, i.e. the hospitality industry. Therefore, the type of organisation affects the relationship between you and your boss, hence making your expectations as well as his, change over time. In some SMEs, for example, bosses are put off by an employee who dresses smarter than them (i guess this fits within tip 3)

It is very interesting and informative to read these tips and i think they are very much pertinent to mentoring situations. I say this because, i see the reflection of a certain proximity between the employee and his boss, or rather a project participant and his boss.

Projects are a form of organising and can be viewed as temporary organisations, that is why i used the term organisations.

Mohamed Benmerikhi
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