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Am preparing for an Exam in Project Management.
Require a complete answer to following question as given in the Chapter 1 of "Project Management - A managerial Approach" by Meredith & Mantel

Describe a project whose life cycle would be a straight line from start to finish. Describe a project with an inverse-S life cycle.

Matter very urgent.

Thanx in advance

Etch Em Zee
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Hi Hashim,

A project whose lifecycle wuold be straight line is a deterministic project with irreversible stages. This means that while you are progressing in the lifecycle model, there is no going back, no feedback loop. For example, baking a cake could be regarded as a project whose lifecycle is a straight line.

As for the other part of the question regarding the inverse S lifecycle, I believe you mean a lifecycle where the project progresses quite fast in the initial phase, slows down and then speeds up towards the end. Some technology innovation projects with an important R&D part can have an inverse S lifecycle curve where they slow down in the middle of their lifecycle due to lack of progress with the results, but once they start getting the expected results, they can progress quite fast towards the end.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck

Mohamed Benmerikhi
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