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Hi everyone

As part of the interview process I need to do a 10 minute presentation on the most challenging project or piece of work you have managed.

Sorry for the bone question, but has anyone got any suggestions on what the main headers could be and what type of content could be used.

I have my own thoughts on what I need to include, but would like to hear anyone else's opinion.

Many thank.
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Hi there,

I believe a good start could be to relate the term "challenging" (as a project characteristic) to complexity. Then define complexity in relation to the actual properties of the project. For instance, you may have technical complexity, organisational complexity and social complexity. Each of these presents a different set of challenges.

Best of luck, although i believe this has come a little late, but perhaps other members may find it useful.

Mohamed Benmerikhi
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Mohamed, I really like that simple framework.

I was about to respond and state that, for me at least, the challenge has almost always been reluctant human resource.

But framing that as 'social complexity' is a really nice approach.
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