PMP Exam Tip: What to Write in Your PMP Exam Application

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We often receive a question similar to the following from PMP Exam Applicants who are in the process of filling in their application form:

Question: Do you have an example of project write ups on PMI application -- best in class examples of how to summarize your projects -- I have drafted mine and would like to evaluate my application against best in class for structure, etc.

Answer: The answer is "No, we don't have any examples". This is because we don't collect them, but even if we had any, we would not share them. Each PMP application should be written specifically based on the individual experience by the applicant. Every project is different and the summary should not be just a "boilerplate" statement.

We do, however, have a small example for you in our experience verification worksheet. Click on this link here to open up the XLS document: http://www.project-management-prepcast. ... ksheet.xls - There isn't much here, but it's a start.

We also have a tip: When writing the summary go ahead and use as much "PMI language" as is appropriate. So if you have created a project plan as part of your work, then call it by that official PMBOK name, even if your company calls it a "Project Base Document". Use PMI terminology to make it easier for the reviewers to understand.
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