How to break into becoming a PM?

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Dear Project smart board,

I wondering if any of you members could give me the benfit of your experience and advice? I currently work at an educational publishers in their production department. I've been looking to change careers for a while and have applied for several project management positions. I went for 2 interviews with the same company, both for project management jobs but in different depts. The first one I got told I didn't have enough core project management experience, the secoond one I got told I was overqualified (as I've worked on projects and am line manager in my current position) and the company thought I'd be bored in a starter role. I've looked into completing a PRINCE2 qualification but the recruitment consultant I spoke with advised not doing it as 'it wouldn't make much sense outside the role'. Any advice on anything I can do to make myself stand out from the crowd to get my first proper PM job?

All advice gratefully received!
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Hi there,

I watched a video earlier this morning at YouTube and I am interested to share it with you. The video is about how to face interview and I think is the most important thing that you need these days. ... re=related

It doesn't matter how good you are but at the time of interview you have to prove that you are the best.

In interview, don't forget to discuss about your skills with various software that will reduce the time taken and increase the chances of being correct most of the time. A similar software like this is in my mind which is TeamWox. Being a project manager I recommend it. Never forget that your own skills are with you but software are just to help you.
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Hi Shelley12,

You may find this article useful. It will give you some idea of the type of questions you are likely to be asked during an interview for a project management position.

How to Recruit an IT Project Manager

I wouldn't agree with your recruitment consultant, a qualification such as PRINCE2 could prove very useful to you. It shows your commitment to becoming a Project Manager and that you at least understand the basic principles of project management.

Remember to sell yourself and your skills.

Hope this helps.

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