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Hi All,

I am looking for at minimum searchable language around repeat projects, but preferably a suggested software.

My criteria (example) for repeat projects:
Let's take Boeing since my projects are more field specific. Boeing has to build airplanes over and over again. They have a list of steps that could be done. Some will be done 100% of the time, others are only used on some planes, but they have the maximum list to create combinations from.

Is there a software that allows projects to be created and compared for situations like this? I work in a company that has at least 4 situations like this were each situation contains hundreds of projects, but I can't find software talking about addressing this sort of situation. Most softwares mention repeat tasks, but in the same project, not across projects. Any direction, insight, etc would be awesome.

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It seems to me that these are not individual projects, but line work run as a project and therefore can be set up as nested projects within a master plan.

In that case all you need is a 'master resource project' which contains all of the resources.

Then you make up a second master project for the 'building of the standard aircraft' and put it aside.

Then adjust the master template for the building of the aircraft to accomodate the changes, name it appropriately and insert it into the first master project that contains the resources.

In this way you can have several 'building of aircraft sub-projects' nested within the 'master resource project',

I personally would set the projects up in Project in a Box and run them from there. It is a dedicated Prince2 configuration management package that is designed to address this sort of problem.

Doing it this way each sub-project will call on the appropriate resource pool within the 'master resource project'

Checking the resource alocation tables within the 'master resource project' will tell you who is doing what and when at any point in time.

Changes in the sub-projects will automatically change the resource allocations in the 'master resource project'.

You could set them up as individual projects, but then you would need a resource allocation programme to monitor the resources that you are using and that adds complexity to the situation.
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