Project Management Software: Blessing or a Curse?

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Hey guys....

This is my first interaction with you guys on this forum.

I just came across a very interesting software concept by the name of 'Web Project Management'. The software included in the category covers some of the most vital functions of the management like budget management, resource allocation, planning, cost control and many more. The thing which I am confused about is whether such software will assist in reducing human efforts in complex projects or these will create a problem when it comes to human touch in complex project management that requires scientific thinking.

So guys, tell me what do you think about these kind of Project Management software.

Waiting for your valuable comments,

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A web based project management software is indeed a blessing as it not only reduces human effort but also reduces cost incurred and time required to manage a project. In case of web based project management software one only needs to bear the cost of subscription as the cost of ownership of the software is completely waived off. I have been using one named proofhub for past one year and it has made my work hassle free.
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In as much as it is a blessing, lets not forget that these software are written codes. How can we prove the efficiency of the software since it was written by human?

I'm going to go the route of saying web based project management software is more of a blessing than a curse. Of course, it all depends on the software solution that you're talking about and I'm sure there are several bad ones out there. But as Chris_R indicated, you can definitely reduce your costs this way.

As I see it, here are some of the key benefits of web-based project management software...or any web based software solution, for that matter...
  • nothing to install
  • revisions are rolled out by the software vendor to all users right away
  • you pay for a subscription - usually monthly and often per user so you're paying for what you need...period
  • because it's web-based, it's easier to tie your entire team - and customer if you wish - into the management, input and revision of the software schedule giving you a truly collaborative solution
  • because it's web-based, often the storage of all project schedules, documents, etc. can be on the web..saving you space and giving team members immediate access to the documents and data in real time
  • your project customer doesn't have to go out and buy costly MS Project licenses or get a PDF file of the latest project schedule just to stay in the loop - they can use the web-based solution
Downsides are few, in my opinion, but security could be one concern...especially if you're talking about a government contract or any project with sensitive information, dates, resources or data. You're only as secure as your weakest link and you can't be 100% certain that anything is secure. But if you control the servers where software and data is residing, at least you are in control. With anything web-based you're relying on the word of your vendor that your data is safe in the cloud - in their cloud. If you're comfortable with that, and they are a proven entity with high review marks, then I wouldn't be too worried. If they are among the dozens of very new PM web-based project management software solution providers, then that can be a red flag if security is a high priority so you'd want to check that out. Have a detailed discussion with the web-based software provider and then make a decision based on your best feel of the situation.

I hope this helps...just my thoughts and opinions.

Brad Egeland
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Greetings everyone,

I strongly agree with having a web based project management tool, which reduces the efforts drastically, enabling the project manager to keep a track of his projects efficiently. Therefore for my final year I am building a task tracking application for project management, which not only helps the project manager track what the project team is doing, but the employees can self-manage themselves as well.

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