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Programme Management Tools

Posted: Mon 02 Apr 2012 3:54 pm
by Tech_PM_2012
We are a technical team providing IT services and we are looking at the way in which our team deal with new projects and work requests and would like a process for managing these. We have operational issues to deal with but also have mini projects which come in from clients and from other areas of the business.

We want to be able to see what other projects we currently have on-going, give the new project a weighting and priority and to review the resources we have available, estimate the time it will take and assign to relevant resources and manage the project to ensure it is delivered on-time.

Is there a programme management tool or template which anyone recommend that could help with this process ?

thanks in advance.

Re: Programme Management Tools

Posted: Wed 09 May 2012 3:15 pm
by malcwest

You might also like to have a look at PROJECT in a box. It is widely recognised as the leader in methodology led project management enabling you to set a process for your projects to follow including differnet process for different types of project or activity.

It can also store your ratings and help you manage all this by portfolios, Assurance tools and plans, resourcing profiles give you a handle on who is avialable and how your projects are being run.

Reporting and automated notifications help with communications and keeping things all on track.

Prices start from just £999 for 20 users so it isn't going to break the bank either! is a good place to start your investigations or let me know if you would like a web demo.

Best Regards
MD, PROJECT in a box