Prince2 and construction project management

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Dear colleagues,

I am currently writing an academic paper on the use of Prince2 within the construction industry and would welcome readers valuable time in answering a few questions.

1. Do you or have you used the Prince2 Model within a construction industry project?

2. If yes to (1), could you please provide some information of the scale of the project in relation to cost, time and physical properties.

3. Using the Prince2 methodologies within this project, can you describe any obstacles or downfalls to using Prince2 in comparison to other industry standards such as PMBOK, APMBOK.

4. Do you believe that the Prince2 method of managing a project is suitable within the construction industry? (please expand)

5. Any other comments in relation to my topic would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your feedback and Happy 2012 to you all.

Best Wishes

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Hi Kevin,

Did you ever conclude your study on this and specifically the results on point 4?

Reason for asking is I'm thinking about taking Prince2 with views to continuing with my project management role in construction but wanted to make sure it will be worthwhile.

Any info you have that you'd be kind enough to share would be great fully received.

Many thanks

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