Managing multiple schedules using MS Projects

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I am managing a project where by I have two schedules, one from the vendor and one for our project team internally (which I manage). I'm clear on how to create a master project / sub projects within MS Projects. My question is around on going maintenance and updating the two schedules.

I receive an updated project schedule from the vendor on a weekly basis, therefore, wondering which is the best way to update my master project schedule? Should I simply delete the sub project every time and upload the new version from the vendor to the master project or by saving it in the original location the master project will update it self? Any best practices on how to manage two schedules (by two separate PMs) within MS Projects would be greatly appreciated.

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It should not be like completely deleting the sub-project and uploading the vendor's project requisites. The best practice is to append it separately to the copy of the original project previously created and then sharing it with your project team.
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