Project Management Assignment?

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Hey guys,

I have an assignment to do regarding project management but... not sure how to really start fleshing it out as I have never done anything like this before. Any help would be great! In total this is 60 marks.

"Imagine you are the project manager of an industrial company and there is a need to develop an electronic system to control the lighting in a theatre. You are to oversee the research and development phase of the project. You know that a project of this type will involve the following work tasks:
  • Project definition and specification.
  • Formation of a team and allocation of work tasks.
  • Draw up a time plan.
  • Monitoring the work progress.
  • Liaise with customer, production manager and marketing manager.
There may be some other tasks involved. You are required to expand on the above tasks (plus others that you consider relevant). You should discuss them in more detail, with reasons and justifications. You should identify critical tasks/milestones. As this is a pretended project, the technical detail is not important."

So, I don't need to actually design the system or any technical stuff. Just plan the process of the design? So... what? I really don't know where to begin!

For specifications, it would be things like 'needs to take mains supply - because that is what is readily available', and 'have options to add more lights later - because lighting systems often change' - is that the right kind of thing or..?

I'm lost :(

Thanks in advance!
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Hi there,

Great question.

I see this as a mini project (R&D) within a program. The output from your project is the approved lighting control system design for the next project to actually turn the design into the product.

You want to start with requirements definition. What functions/features does the lighting control system need to possess? You could use the MoSCoW technique to prioritize the stakeholders' requirements.
  • Project definition and specification. MoSCoW technique for current and future product requirements & project framework definition.
    Formation of a team and allocation of work tasks. WBS planning session.
    Draw up a time plan. Precedence network diagram session.
    Monitoring the work progress. Periodical Status Report and/or meeting, along with corrective actions and escalating risks/issues if out of agreed tolerances.
    Liaise with customer, production manager and marketing manager. Communication plan and tailored communications.
I am eager to see if others agree or disagree with what I have put.

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