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Hi everyone,

I'm new and I have a difficult question to raise.

I'm ending a project. We reviewed the delivery plan with Sponsors and validate it. We responsibilize and organise operational teams to take the lead in support and change management.

One step is missing and I'm not so familiarize with: Lessons learned/Best practices.
The project has raised some frustrations in teams, but the launch is a real success.

I would like to meet the team and organize a "Interactive Best Practices meeting". I would prefer to discuss on "How we can do better, etc." in a way people is not pointing fingers to each other criticizing works done.

My Question is: How can I get Best Practice meeting with Fun, Game, Interactive?

I'm open for your ideas, and will not forget to share the one I used and feedbacks about it!

Thanks a lot!
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I have no ideas myself but keen to see what others have in terms of ideas
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Hi there,

I think writing a comprehensive list of "lessons learned" in a tabular form may form the basis of what you're trying to do. Perhaps this way, you can get the collective engagement of everyone. But I guess the structure of your intervention must be well thought out and should in principle both emphasise and value individual contributions to collective achievement.

I wish you luck in your endeavour.

Mohamed Benmerikhi
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