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I have been a retail manager for last 15 years in many different sectors. I have been a store manager, Regional Manager and GM.

I would like to change my career to project management. During my 15 years in retail I have opened and closed many stores, have completed complete and partial refit of stores.

What would be my next step, which qualification I should obtain and what is the scope of project management in current climate.

Any help will help. Thanks
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Hi there,

The first thing that comes to mind is aquiring some familiarity with the fundamental principles of project management. You can get hold of some material through websites. But here's some references that I found particularly interesting:

1. PMBOK (Project Management Book Of Knowldge) earlier versions are cheap to get
2. Project Management: Planning and control techniques by Rory Burke (again earlier editions are cheaper)

Best of luck,
Mohamed Benmerikhi
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This is a good book;

2. Project Management: Planning and control techniques by Rory Burke (again earlier editions are cheaper)

I decided to obtain a copy upon this recommendation, so thank you.


Make sure on your resume you restructure it to focus on PM related successes. Include key resource/management responsibilities and successes and be sure to monetize successes in your retail store operations wherever possible. PMs often have bottom line responsibilities and anytime you can show successes in terms of numbers it can help you make that transition through your resume and highlight your past experiences in those terms. Good luck!
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I guess the first step should be to highlight your experience in PM related work. Also, please look back and think had to enumerate any accomplishments you had while launching new businesses, business in new geographies, product lines etc.

Please keep in mind, that certification like PMP / CAPM are meant to compliment your knowledge and experience as a Project Manager, in that manner these certifications are not an end in themselves, rather a means to an end.
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