How to Switch from QA to Project Management

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Now I work as a QA in an IT company and I want to switch to PM in future. What steps should be taken?

Currently I am into CAPM and reading some forums.
  1. What is the path to reach my destination project coordinator -> Junior PM / Assistant PM -> PM - will this work?
  2. How long it would take to reach my goal?
  3. Tools I need to learn?
  4. Do I need a MBA degree?
My current EXP: 2+ Years as QA analyst.

  1. Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics.
  2. Masters of Engineering in Networking.
And I have good knowledge about Finance and securities and hold other certifications in Networks.

I can unequivocally state that I have Good Organizational, communication and managerial skills. (My boss calls me as a small boss) and I have a good time management skills I stick to the ETA 90%.

Note: Though I do QA, I don't think I do QA stuffs exactly!! I do work very independently with other departments as a specific work is assigned to me. I don't hold meeting now, but I follow up, ask ETAs on specific Task on other departments, take part in lot of meetings, work with higher officials of other departments since my work client sensitive.

Please advise whether my work related to my dream job.

Any advise is really appreciated.

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Hi Athangappa,

I see a lot of people asking for careers advice on this forum and in particular how to become a project manager. First I'm going to say there is no magic formula. The project managers I've spoken to have all ended up in the profession from different routes, many accidentially.

The first and perhaps easiest first step is to obtain a recognised project management qualification. For me you need to look at PRINCE2, CAPM and APMP.

Assuming you are employed (which you are) then you need to look for opportunities in your organisation to move towards the role you desire. The type of roles that can help you progress toward project manager are business analyst, test analyst, any PMO role and even as a resource on projects.

The hardest aspect is expereince. It's the dilema of needing expereince to become a project manager verses somebody giving you your first chance. Obviously you are not going to be given a multi-million pound project as your first assignment, so you need to find something low profile to cut your teeth on.

Keep in mind that many people already carryout aspects of project management in their current roles. It's worth thinking about these areas and seeing if you can expand them.

To be a project manager you must be a leader. Showing leadership skills in your current role can help - so look for time when you can take control and be seen to lead.

Finally, luck plays a part, being in the right place at the right time, so do be alert to any possibilities.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for your great advice . Now my first step is getting a certification.
  1. Which is the best recognized certification PRINCE2, APMP or CAPM?
  2. Moving in the same organization? Is that very much possible or looking for job in another organization? Because a lot of managers and directors will not be much interested in losing their potential resource as I am looking to switch in another department whereas not within QA.
  3. Say I am moving in a different organization, what are all the titles that I should look for on job hunt?
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