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Salesmanahip Made Simple by B. Howard Elvy

Posted: Sat 16 Apr 2011 3:08 am
by satisfactionuk
Hi, This is another oldie that was published in 1971 and forms part of my library of self-improvement books that I believe project managers should really read.

As a project manager you will spend up to 80 percent of your time actually selling the combined ideas of work, commitment and performance to you team members. In addition to this you will be negotiating with line managers, suppliers and executives for a whole host of critical resources to be either provided or delivered on time and to specification. Your ability and skills in handling the buyer/seller relationship will be critical to your projects success and because of this needs has to be handled professionally with tact and diplomacy.

This little book produced by B. Howard Elvy is in fact no lightweight when it comes to practical selling skills and is crammed full of professional advice on the art of selling. Within this book the art is broken down into 22 clearly defined chapters each of which focuses clearly on a progressive step taking you from looking inwardly at yourself through applying for a position and selling yourself at your job interview to preparing your sales brief and arranging interviews and presenting your offering to a wide selection of buyers and then finally closing the sale.

Obviously there is a lot more going on in this book than I have presented here as an appetizer so you really should invest in a copy and study it well.
Kind regards

Stephan Toth

Re: Salesmanahip Made Simple by B. Howard Elvy

Posted: Thu 24 Nov 2011 12:55 pm
by lexybam
B. Howard Elvy did a great work in that book. I read the book 3 years ago when a friend introduced it to me to read during the sales crisis of my small firm. Ever since I started using the principles I read in the book, my sales and management have increased.

I think it is a good book for any one who is a manager to read.

Re: Salesmanahip Made Simple by B. Howard Elvy

Posted: Thu 24 Nov 2011 3:13 pm
by lexybam
I read the book and it really helped me when my business was to collapse some years ago. It is good for every manager or intending ones